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PLATO is Canada’s largest Indigenous-owned software testing services provider, trusted by clients across the country and around the world.

From 12 delivery centres across Canada, PLATO provides enterprise-level testing services to the country’s largest companies. Industry-leading brands like Workday, Microsoft, and SAP rely on PLATO’s testing capabilities and expertise.

In addition to providing our clients with the highest quality service, PLATO is dedicated to breaking down barriers for Indigenous people through meaningful training and employment in Canada’s technology workforce.

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Majority Indigenous-owned
33% Indigenous workforce
85+ Indigenous communities impacted
25+ years of experience in software testing

Who we work with

What our clients are saying about us

“Since initially engaging with PLATO in 2019, we have collaborated on multiple QA and testing projects across our Digital and Technology divisions. Our partnership has grown and PLATO has proven themselves successful in our multi-vendor, decentralized team environment. Our partnership demonstrates the power of collaboration in delivering outstanding outcomes while making a social impact.”

Greg L. Brown, Senior Director Business Enablement - Technology, OLG

“Through our growing partnership with PLATO, SAP Canada will further support business and economic development for Indigenous peoples. As a technology leader, it is our duty to support transformation in our industry, but most importantly invest back into our communities.”

Kalvin MacDonald, SVP & GM, Canada, SAP Cloud Services

Our Capabilities

Functional testing answers the most basic question that we set out to discover when testing any piece of software: does it work? Working with you, we’ll develop a list of requirements to help guide the process, and ensure that your business goals are reflected in what and how we test.

Whether it’s an app, a website, an ERP system or anything and everything in between, functional testing is critical for a system to run smoothly. We will align our strategy with your approach be it waterfall, agile, DevOps, or some combination of those, which is often the case!

Because functional testing can be done both manually and automated, we’ll also work with you to determine the most efficient way to get you the answers you’re looking for.

Learn more about Functional Testing

PLATO is dedicated to a comprehensive approach that involves the meticulous identification and resolution of potential issues. Our primary objective is to guarantee the dependable performance of software, facilitating seamless collaboration among various software components crucial for the efficient functioning of your business. Through our focused efforts, we aim to optimize the reliability and functionality of your software ecosystem, ensuring a smooth and productive operational environment.

Learn more about Integration Testing.

Can it hold its own?

You can build a great product, but if it can’t handle life in the real world, it isn’t likely to be successful. Our PLATO performance testing will design and execute custom test scenarios that measure the performance of your software under both normal and high volume conditions to determine baselines, failure points, and bottlenecks.

Our performance testing team has extensive experience in creating the right mix of virtual users and conditions to test your website, application, or system, giving you the information you need on how it will perform during high traffic times.

In order to get things working well from the get-go, we prefer to begin performance testing long before integrations occur. This allows us to identify issues quickly and give immediate feedback to developers who can fix the bugs before they cause any problems. But as in life, things don’t always go as planned. We are also happy to come in last minute and help your team figure out what needs to be fixed for launch.

Learn more about Performance Testing.

Does it work for everyone?

You put time, energy, and money (and maybe even a little blood, sweat or tears!) into building your website, application, or system, and we want to make sure that it works the way it should for everyone. Accessibility testing ensures that all of your users are able to get the same experience every time.

We’ll work with you to identify which level of compliance you need – WCAG (A, AA, AAA) and while keeping in mind your respective accessibility legislation – ADA or AODA. Then our PLATO accessibility team will run automated tests on your website using industry-leading tools. Next, we’ll review and report on the output from the tool tests and then finally, we’ll manually test your system to make sure that any issues that may impact your users have been identified.

Once the accessibility testing is complete, we will provide you with a detailed compliance report on what needs to be fixed in order to achieve your certification.

Learn more about Accessibility Testing.

We can help you develop test automation that transforms your testing strategy.

As your software projects become more complex and your test cases grow, automated testing can play an important role in your testing strategy. Our PLATO test automation approach will identify the best tools for your project – whether commercial or open-source – and execute a test case suite to deliver a reliable and repeatable process every time.

Learn more about Test Automation.

While you’re focused on design, development and delivery, let us worry about content migration and validation.

Content migration, along with content verification and validation, are some of the most time-consuming elements of a website project. These tasks require a detail-oriented team who is as committed to delivering for your end client as you are.

Many businesses do not spend enough time considering how to move the hundreds – or even thousands – of pages of content that they have created to their new Sitecore, Drupal, or Adobe site. This is no small feat and can take a significant amount of time. Time aside, this portion of the project is just as important as any other. After all, it is the message that you are putting out there for your customers – it needs to be right.

Time is of the essence when it comes to releasing the new face of your business to your customers. There are options: you could use the developers who built the site or a temp agency to move your content. While either of these groups could do the work, your best content migration and validation team is one that is focused on quality. PLATO is that team.

Learn more about Content Migration and QA.

What if I don’t know where to start?

Have a testing team, but not sure how to get them started and keep them on track? Need a testing team, but not sure what you’re looking for? Our PLATO test advisory services are here to help. We can help you define the best solution to your testing problems.

While our test advisory services change depending on your business and your needs, we recommend starting with a PLATO Testing Assessment. An assessment will help clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current quality assurance (QA) approach, as well as the areas where we believe we can make a significant impact on your business.

Learn more about test Advisory.

Our network of quality and skilled IT consultants can help you achieve the outcomes your team is looking for.

Let us help you find the right person to meet your objectives and keep your business moving forward.

Learn more about IT & Business Consulting.


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