What if I don’t know where to start?

Have a testing team, but not sure how to get them started and keep them on track? Need a testing team, but not sure what you’re looking for? Our PLATO test advisory services are here to help. We can help you define the best solution to your testing problems.

While our test advisory services change depending on your business and your needs, we recommend starting with a PLATO Testing Assessment. An assessment will help clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current quality assurance (QA) approach, as well as the areas where we believe we can make a significant impact on your business.

The three steps of testing assessment

Reducing Cost with PLATO Test Automation

1. Interviews

Hold interview sessions with stakeholders, developers, business analysts, end users and any other team members involved in your software development lifecycle.

Substituting your Limited Resources with PLATO Test Automation Experts

2. Insights

Compile the insights gathered from your team, and then have our team of testing experts conduct an analysis of your current QA environment.

Solving Complex Challenges with PLATO Test Automation

3. Next Steps

Develop a roadmap for the next steps for improving your approach to QA, which will include specific recommendations on things including, but not limited to: team makeup, environments, requirements, test management, regression and performance testing, accessibility, and QA governance.

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