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While you’re focused on design, development and delivery, let us worry about content migration and validation.

Content migration, along with content verification and validation, are some of the most time-consuming elements of a website project. These tasks require a detail-oriented team who is as committed to delivering for your end client as you are.

Many businesses do not spend enough time considering how to move the hundreds – or even thousands – of pages of content that they have created to their new Sitecore, Drupal, or Adobe site. This is no small feat and can take a significant amount of time. Time aside, this portion of the project is just as important as any other. After all, it is the message that you are putting out there for your customers – it needs to be right.

Time is of the essence when it comes to releasing the new face of your business to your customers. There are options: you could use the developers who built the site or a temp agency to move your content. While either of these groups could do the work, your best content migration and validation team is one that is focused on quality. PLATO is that team.

Why do software testers make the best content migrators?

Magnifying Glass on Paper Representing Focus on Detail

Focused on detail

Software testers are experts in identifying even the smallest defects that could impact a user’s experience with a software product or service.

Computer Screen with Widget Representing Technical Foundation

Technical foundation

They understand the software lifecycle, are able to identify bugs and issues earlier in the process, resulting in a stronger end product.

Person representing Expertise as a Challenge of ERP Testing

End-to-end experience

Engaging software testers during the content migration phase of your project will mean they are better equipped when it comes to testing it.

Benefits of our content migration and validation team

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Having a PLATO content migration and validation team that understands the software development lifecycle will help the progress go more smoothly.

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Our team of software testers have extensive experience in migrating and validating content so that you can be confident that it’s right each and every time.

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Software testers are detail-oriented by nature; exactly the skill set needed to take on your content migration and validation project.

Content management systems we’ve worked with

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