February 18, 2015 (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada): PQA is excited to announce the Vancouver 2016 App Camp for Girls.  PQA had the pleasure of sponsoring and volunteering with the Vancouver 2015 App Camp for Girls and is looking forward to participating in 2016.

PQA believes in corporate responsibility and is committed to giving back to the community by volunteering, supporting social initiatives, fundraising, providing scholarships for students and sponsoring local community events.  PQA is passionate about exposure to the IT industry and encourages equal opportunities for both men and women.

App Camp for girls is a great way of introducing young girls to technology and the IT industry.  There are far less females in the technology field and by having camps specifically for girls, they are exposed to many more opportunities, which they may have not been aware of.  Changes in the tech landscape are, in part, due to opportunities such as App Camp for Girls.

App Camp for girls has recently announced that the 2015 App Camp Compendium is now available in the Apple iTunes Store. This app is a result of hard work by the developers who attended the four App Camps last summer.  PQA is excited to be a part of this opportunity in 2016 and encourages the young girls (grades 8 & 9) in the Vancouver and surrounding areas to apply.  More information can be found at https://appcamp4girls.com/.

The 2016 goal of the App Camp is to raise money through sponsorship in order to buy their own set of Apple equipment and eventually expand throughout Canada.  PQA is a proud sponsor and looks forward to their continued success and seeing App Camp for girls reach their goal for 2016.