First Aboriginal Software Tester Training Course in British Columbia Launched
October 31st, 2016 – 10:30 AM Pacific Time

VANCOUVER, BC – PLATO Testing is proud to announce the first Aboriginal Software Tester Training Course in British Columbia launched on October 3rd in Vancouver, BC.  This is in partnership with PQA Testing and the Native Education College (NEC).  In attendance was PLATO Testing President Denis Carignan, as well as PQA Testing Co-CEO Christin Wiedemann.

This class will train 14 Aboriginal people in software testing over the next six months. Four of those months will take place in a classroom and lab environment, followed by two months of internship at PQA Testing or on client sites in the Vancouver area. This team will be strategically positioned to serve clients in British Columbia.

PQA Testing founded and launched the Aboriginal Software Tester Training Program in Fredericton, New Brunswick, just outside of St. Mary’s First Nation, in 2015 and it has since grown into a successful company: PLATO Testing.  PLATO Testing is an organization dedicated to building information technology careers for Aboriginal people across Canada in the software testing industry.  The urban Aboriginal population is growing on both the West and East coasts and, by providing opportunities for this growing demographic, PLATO Testing aims to bring IT work that is currently being offshored back to Canada.

The NEC was established in 1967 to close the educational gap for Aboriginal adult learners after transitioning to Vancouver from rural First Nation communities. Today, NEC graduates about 120 Aboriginal students from several certificate and diploma programs each year.  The Aboriginal Software Tester Training Course is the newest addition to their growing curriculum.

Additional training courses and expansions will be announced in the coming months across Canada.  To learn more about PQA or PLATO Testing, visit or

For more information, contact: or call (506) 455-7725