Professional Quality Assurance (PQA), in partnership with UNB, is presenting xBTM: Harnessing the Power of Exploratory Testing in Fredericton, NB on September 19, 2013, featuring Christin Wiedemann of PQA.

This 1-day course is open to the public and will present how to manage exploratory testing using a unique implementation of session-based test management (SBTM) and thread-based test management (TBTM) called xBTM.

Christin shows how she uses xBTM on projects to obtain maximum efficiency—by only creating test documentation that actually adds value. Using real-life examples, Christin describes the xBTM workflow on a project, covering all the steps from test planning and performing the tests through reporting. Her focus is on sharing practical examples and providing a range of flexible tools that you can immediately apply on almost any project.

This course is especially well suited for anyone that wants to gain insight into how to introduce effective exploratory testing or to get more out of your current exploratory approach.