PQA Testing Head Office, Fredericton, NB – PQA Testing has announced the appointment of Christin Wiedemann as their new Co-CEO. Her responsibilities include overseeing the company’s delivery and ensuring the staff, management and clients are happy.

Christin Wiedemann has been part of the PQA Testing team for four years as Chief Scientist. Using her scientific background, she drives PQA’s research and method development, training and marketing. Her portfolio is also comprised of community outreach through lecturing, user group engagement and an active social media presence to promote software testing as a profession, with a focus on attracting women to the field.

“Through a shared leadership, we aim to broaden our capacity, and take full advantage each person’s strengths. As Co-CEO’s, Keith McIntosh and I complement each other’s skills and have different focus areas. Keith is PQA’s founder and remains the visionary lead, focusing on business development, finance and growth. My primary objective is achieving delivery excellence, which is closely coupled to my continued efforts to drive PQA’s research and method development,” noted Christin.

After obtaining her PhD in physics, Christin Wiedemann started working as a software developer. When asked to test on a project, she realized she had found her true vocation. Later, Christin joined the Swedish test company AddQ Consulting where she worked as a tester, test lead and trainer, giving courses on agile testing, test design and exploratory testing throughout Europe. Christin is a co-creator of the exploratory testing approach xBTM. In her current role as co-CEO of Professional Quality Assurance (PQA), Christin’s primary objective is achieving delivery excellence, which is closely coupled with her continuing efforts to drive PQA’s research and method development.

About PQA Testing

Founded in 1997 by Keith McIntosh, PQA Testing is an award-winning, Canadian-based provider of independent, objective focused and unbiased quality assurance software testing through a team of over 100 professionals. By providing comprehensive and integrated software testing solutions, they have built long standing relationships and experience in industry sectors that include Healthcare, Financial, Gaming, Telecommunications, Government, eLearning and more.

PQA Testing is the leader in developing and designing the latest approaches, techniques and tools of software testing for over 18 years. They challenge testing standards and explore new ideas. They find problems early in the process through the design and execution of superior testing solutions for their clients.

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