Managed Services as an Engagement Model

May 3, 2024|

In this episode of PLATO Panel Talks, Mike Hrycyk delves into Managed Services as an engagement model with our experts Craig Fisk (Chief Growth Officer, PLATO) and Paul Holland (Principal Consultant, PLATO). With his background [...]

AI and the Future of Software Testing

April 11, 2024|

PLATO Panel Talks is taking on Software Testing, AI and Machine Learning with our host, Mike Hrycyk, sitting down with Sean Wilson (Senior Director, Engineering, WindRiver) and Nathaniel Couture (VP Quality Engineering at Xtract One [...]

  • The Creative Art of Locators

Learning and Growth in Software Testing

November 1, 2023|

In this episode of PLATO Panel Talks, our host Mike Hrycyk is diving into the importance of learning and growth in IT, particularly in software testing. He is joined by two panellists driving learning opportunities [...]