Ottawa-Gatineau, ON – PLATO launched recruitment in Ottawa-Gatineau today for its Indigenous Software Tester Training Program. Through its second training program in the region, PLATO plans to provide training and careers in the technology sector to 15 Indigenous participants.  

PLATO’s train-and-employ model provides First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people the opportunity to start their career in the technology sector. The program provides five months of in-class training, focused on the fundamentals of software testing, followed by a three-month paid internship of experiential learning with one of PLATO’s corporate partners. Following the eight months of training, successful graduates are guaranteed a full-time, well-paying job with PLATO. 

Training will be hosted in Gatineau and begins on Sept 11, 2023. Applications for training are being accepted through PLATO’s website 

PLATO has trained more than 270 Indigenous students and delivered 26 courses across Canada since 2015. From its 11 delivery centres, PLATO provides software testing and technology services to clients around the world. The company’s approach is to deliver training and open offices in and around Indigenous communities, reducing geographical barriers for Indigenous people to obtain careers in the technology sector, while building a stronger, more inclusive technology workforce. 

Ottawa has among the highest concentrations of technology talent in the country,” said Keith McIntosh, Founder and CEO of PLATO. “From our Ottawa-Gatineau office, we can both tap into and contribute to that talent pool, while being closer to our current and prospective clients in the region.” 

“With each class that we run and each student graduate that we hire, we are improving Indigenous representation in the technology sector,” said Denis Carignan, Executive Vice President, Indigenous Impact and Innovation at PLATO. “PLATO is inspiring Indigenous youth and young adults to pursue careers in technology through unique and rare exposure to Indigenous people in the industry.” 

For more information on our services, careers, and software testing training program, including new training opportunities, please visit our website: 


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Jennifer Rushton 
Vice President, Marketing and Communications 
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About PLATO  

PLATO is Canada’s only Indigenous software testing and technology services company. PLATO’s full suite of software testing services include test automation, functional testing, performance testing, test advisory, ERP testing, accessibility testing, content migration, and content quality assurance. In addition to providing clients the highest quality software testing services, PLATO is creating careers in technology for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people from coast to coast through its innovative train-and-employ model. PLATO has offices surrounding Indigenous communities across Canada, with delivery centres located in the following cities:  


Vancouver, B.C. 
Victoria, B.C. 
Kamloops, B.C. 
Calgary, AB 
Regina, SK 
Sault Ste.Marie, ON 
Toronto, ON 
Ottawa-Gatineau, ON 
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