With the popularity of all-in-one commerce platforms like Shopify, it may seem like you can move testing down your ecommerce priority list, but that is not the case. Whether you have gone the all-in-one route or are relying on your own ecommerce solution, there are risks and considerations you should be thinking about. PLATO’s Matt Villeneuve breaks them down in this month’s artifact.



Matt Villeneuve

Matt has been testing and leading quality teams on software and hardware projects professionally since 2002. His experience includes building quality processes and tools from the ground up; leading local and global teams; working with designers and customers to fine tune requirements; and testing software, hardware and embedded systems, using both automation and manual methods. He has worked on a wide range of technologies both hardware and software, including a variety of platforms. He is a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) and enjoys the human connections that are fostered in high performing agile teams.

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