For our fourth episode of PQA Panel Talks, we asked test automation experts Jim Peers, former PQA team member and current Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at OXD, and PQA’s QA Manager, John McLaughlin to join our host Mike Hrycyk. Together they reflect on their experiences working in test automation, revisit some of their automation war stories, and provide insight on the pitfalls projects can hit and how to avoid them.


Jim Peers is currently a QA Manager at OXD, a former Test Manager at the Integrated Renewal Program at the University of British Columbia, and an alumni QA Practitioner from PLATO Testing., @jrdpeers

John is a Senior Automation Consultant with more than 13 years of experience in software testing and test Automation. Coming from a background in Computer Science, John has designed frameworks and automated testing strategies for a number of software projects while providing training on test Automation and its various toolsets.

Mike Hrycyk has been trapped in the world of quality since he first did user acceptance testing 20+ years ago. He has survived all of the different levels and a wide spectrum of technologies and environments to become the quality dynamo that he is today. Mike believes in creating a culture of quality throughout software production and tries hard to create teams that hold this ideal and advocate it to the rest of their workmates. Mike is currently the VP of Service Delivery, West for PLATO Testing, but has previously worked in social media management, parking, manufacturing, web photo retail, music delivery kiosks and at a railroad. Intermittently, he blogs about quality at

Twitter: @qaisdoes